A guide to the best takeaways in Brighton

For those lazy days

Takeaways are arguably the best invention, especially for students. To prove our love for the places that we spend all of our money and ruin our diets, we have created a guide to the best takeaways in Brighton.

It’s good to pamper ourselves once in a while and food takeaway is the best away to do so. So, without further ado, here is our guide to the best takeaways in Brighton.

1. Wagamama

Most of us are familiar with Wagamama but if you’re not, you should definitely try it out. There is a wide range of Asian food for you to choose from as well!

2. MyWok

MyWok offers quite a wide range of vegan dishes and you don’t have to break your bank when ordering from this place because of the reasonable price.

3. Bella Italia


You can never go wrong with some Italian food. There is so much good food that you can order from Bella Italia.

Don’t forget to try the lasagna as well, or you will be missing out!

4. Franco Manca

Pizza is love!

Be it a pizza party for friends or just yourself, it’s just the best comfort food that you can find. Franco Manca offers endless choices of pizza and that includes gluten-free pizzas as well.

5. Tortilla

Fancy some Mexican food?

Tortilla is definitely a must if you’re craving for some tacos or burritos. Don’t forget to order a bag of tortilla chips as well to complete your meal!

6. GBK



If you love burgers and you’ve not checked this place out, this is your time. Get ready for a memorable experience when you’re taking your first bite into the burger.