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A guide to Sussex Library etiquette

Because some of you just don’t know how to act

It’s mid-November. Two words: deadline season. The library is swarming with students and it’s a fight for the best seats, or just a seat.

So with stress levels at an all time high and Christmas seeming so far away, we present you with a guide to library etiquette.

Please do not 'reserve' your space

The library is not Benidorm and the seats in the quiet study area are not sunbeds. No matter how much you tell yourself you’re just being a good, hard-working student, you and everyone around you know deep down that you’re being selfish. Loo breaks and tactical vending machine trips are acceptable.

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Bet whoever this stuff belongs to has a mullet

Try to refrain from crying too loudly

It’s tough being a student. It’s hard to cope when your mates are all off to C U Next and you’re stuck pulling an all-nighter for an essay you’ve been putting off for the last month. Sometimes you need a cry, and the library is not a place of judgment. But please, keep it down, we are trying to get work done.

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In the shelf of books about space, no one can hear you cry

Make sure you know what you're doing

Don't walk in and block the entrance, basically. Whether you're looking for your library card or chatting on the phone or just being blatantly obtuse and standing in the way, do us all a favour and drop out of uni.

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Oh, you want to come in? Tough titties

Don't be annoying

Yeah, it's hilarious to act a fool in front of your mates and we just LOVE to see how quirky and brilliant you are, but the library is not the place.

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You like my French tips?

Don't munch and crunch

This is common decency but if you're in the quiet area, don't rustle ya packets and crunch your biscuits. Please. We are all hungry for your snacks, don't make this any harder.

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Think you're so slick huh?

If you're going to nap, do it in an appropriate place

I suppose that's the point of the sofas?

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Follow these simple rules and the library experience should be pleasant for you and others around you. You don't want to be the reason somebody writes to SussFessions now, do you?

#SussFession1712People who go to a silent study area in the library to loudly chat with their mates need to kindly fuck off.It's called a SILENT study area for a reason.

Posted by SussFessions – Gossip Sussex on Friday, November 15, 2019