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The Dos and Don’ts of throwing a Sussex house party

Thinking of hosting a house party? Follow these rules and you can’t go wrong.

Do make sure you are well stocked with mixers

Cheap as chips and stops people giving themselves alcohol poisoning by trying to drink two thirds of a bottle of Aldi rum straight. Don't forget, Co-op closes at 11pm, so make sure to stock up!

Don’t have glass bottles out

There is always going to be someone who will have a bit too much of a ‘smashing’ time

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Do supply cups and straws

There’s more of a party atmosphere in the room when you have people making drinks and mingling. Straws also mean people are less likely to spill their drinks all over themselves and your lovely floor. And we're at Sussex, so you have to make sure your straws are not plastic #savetheturtles

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Don’t let people into your bedroom

Tough one, especially if you’re partying on campus as your bedroom is right there but believe me when I tell you that just because somebody’s your mate, doesn’t mean they won’t trash the place when drunk.

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Clowning around

Do make sure people take off their shoes

You’ll sound uptight as heck and people might give you a weird look, but from experience I can tell you that you do not want people walking around your house with their dirty shoes scuffing up your floor. Think about your deposit.

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Scrub dat

Don’t offer Jello-shots knowing they are way too strong

So you slipped when pouring the voddy into the jelly mix and now they really pack a punch. It might seem jokes at the time but once you’ve handed them out to your already drunken guests, you may regret it. Just a tad.

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Do let your neighbours know in advance

If you’re living off campus, this is essential as you want to leave a good impression and be liked by your neighbours, especially if they aren’t students. If you’re living on campus then it is always polite to let those around you know, and to offer them an invite and make some new friends!

Don’t let your smashed friends out alone

Of course it’s a laugh to get trollied with your mates and to laugh at how silly they are, but always look out for one another. If you’ve got a mate whose arrived alone or is a bit far gone, make sure you give them some snacks and an Uber for the road. Or a bed (bathtub) for the night.

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Time for a snack

Do be aware of your location/layout of your accommodation

Everyone knows the best party venues on campus have got to be Lewes Court and East Slope. They’re both fairly central, meaning tactical trips to the Co-op are easy. East Slope is also incredibly spacious for student accommodation, meaning plenty of space for dancing! If you live in Park Village, sorry but just don't bother.

Don’t leave your valuable alcohol in sight

And finally, the golden rule of house parties: if you don’t want your drinks stolen, don’t have ‘em out at a party. After all, finders keepers!

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Let's get this party started then!