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We found a secret drawer in Falmer bar with hidden notes, here’s what they said

From chat up lines to student coping mechanisms, we’re here to spill the T.

Whether the hidden drawer came before or after Sussfessions, this hot spot at Falmer bar exposes yet more insights into Sussex students daily lives. From hook up invites with links to personal instagram's to motivational quotes, anyone and everyone should spend a little time whilst sipping your pint reading through this jumble of handwritten notes. Head to the furthest booth on the right near the window, you're welcome in advance.

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Motivational quotes

Everyone needs a pick me up every once and a while, even if that is a sarcastic and cheesy life lesson from a fellow student.

One message read, "Dear students, enjoy it whilst it lasts, you're about to enter the real world and trust me All the best, a 28 year old postgraduate"

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Hitting us right in the feels

As well as some life lessons the draw featured some hard hitting messages, someone obviously wasn't having the best of days and thought they would share their realisation that life isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

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Hook up invites

Throwing it back to before the existence of Tinder, the draw had quite a few steamy offers of a wild time, from offers of "Hit me up for a good time" to straight to the point opinions on lack of contraception. Some questionable attempts at advice, but we can't knock them for trying. If anyone is keen to have a blind date, head to the draw for Instagram accounts and phone numbers galore.

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Not sure this is the best advice

Pointless? but Funny?

The most random award goes to the writer of the potato conundrum, a clearly important debate amongst students. Which is elite? Mashed or roast? For students, this is clearly a serious debate, is there anything you can't do with a potato?

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The exam question of dreams

A close runner up was a direct shoutout to the seagulls that we all love to hate, living by the seaside we all expect to be attacked or shit on at some point, but one note reminded us of the classic croissant vine of 2015 gone horribly wrong.

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The face says it all

So grab your receipt, head to the booth and create your own. Famous for its cheap drinks and generously large portions, clearly this (not so secret) drawer gives us all another reason to head to Falmer Bar.