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Sussex students show solidarity towards Lebanon Protests

Students held a peaceful protest on Library Square

Yesterday on Library square Sussex students came together in a peaceful protest to show solidarity towards what is happening in Lebanon.

The Lebanese population are protesting the Government in hopes of a revolution due to the ongoing economic crisis, poor living conditions, and limited living supplies. The protests began due to a recent bill which would start adding tax to Whatsapp calls and texts, this then developed into a widespread country protest to start the 'Lebanese Revolution'.

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Support for the protests have led to organised gatherings outside of the Lebanese Embassy in places like London and the United Nations in Geneva. University of Sussex students have decided to join the cause with a solidarity protest yesterday, with many holding banners or flags showing their concerns and support.

An onlooker told the Tab: " It was really nice to see such a big community feeling amongst them and it definitely got quite a bit of attention from people stopping and taking photos".

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The protest was a peaceful show of support and solidarity for all the people sharing their concerns, emotional stories and putting themselves at risk to combat a Government which they feel don't listen to the countries true voices of the people.