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Sussex is having a pony and doggy ‘De-Stress Day’ on Friday

Ponies, horses and dogs at the ACCA

The University of Sussex Equestrian Sports Club is hosting a de-stress day on the ACCA lawns on Friday March 8th. The club is offering a hands-on session where you can learn to groom, tack-up and lead a horse. Although it will not be a traditional equine therapy clinic due to health and safety purposes, there will be a miniature pony on-site for photos and cuddles.

An equine therapist from Shine for Life UK will also be present from 12pm to 1pm with a demo, discussing how her sessions usually run, working alongside one of the horses and a few volunteers.

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Come and meet Bailey!

The event is being held in collaboration with Active US and the University of Sussex Dog Walking Society, so dogs will also be present too. You can join DogSoc for a free stroll with their dogs from 12pm-1:30pm.

The event is being held in an attempt to raise awareness about animal-assisted therapy as well as give a chance for students to learn some equestrian basics.

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The University of Sussex Equestrian Sports club was re-founded in late October 2018 and is now running weekly lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. The lessons are held at three different venues on Wednesdays. On Sundays the club runs all level polo lessons.

The University of Sussex Equestrian Sports club has also recently been nominated for two sports club awards, Committee of the Year and Most Improved Club of the Year.

Zoé Kerboul, president of the Equestrian Sports Club, said: "we all think horses have something to bring to humans and believe in the power of equine and animal assisted therapy."

The club wishes to remind participants to not wear open toe shoes, make sudden or loud noises or gestures that could startle the animals, touch or interact with the animals without a handler being present or feed the animals. For health and safety reasons, participants will not be riding the animals.