A man has been found guilty of the Wild Park murders

The girls’ families have waited 32-years for justice

Nine-year-old girls Nicola Fellow and Karen Hadaway were sexually assaulted and strangled to death in Wild Park in 1986.

Russell Bishop, a 20-year old roofer at the time of the attack, was initially on trial in 1987 but was acquitted and went on to kidnap and sexually assault a seven year old three years later. The victim was able to identify her attacker and Bishop received life in prison.

Recent DNA developments have shown Bishop, now 52, as guilty of the murders. His description of their dead bodies included details only the murderer would know.

The DNA found on a Pinto sweatshirt Bishop discarded, showed that he had contact with the girls' clothing because of the transferal of fibres. Taping from Karen's arm also showed a one-in-a-billion DNA match to Bishop.

The judge described the 52-year-old paedophile as "wicked and perverted." Bishop's defence lawyers have previously suggested that Nicola's own father Barrie was possibly responsible, an accusation which made his loss all the more unbearable.

The brother of Nicola's uncle, Ian Heffron, previously spoke to the press saying: "This is something that stops Nicky and Karen's families from being able to get on with their lives, even after this long."

Today, justice has finally been served. Hopefully this will bring some kind of closure to the young girls' families.