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Nominate: Who is Sussex’s Maddest Fresher 2018?

Down it freshaaaa

It’s November, first term is flying by and Freshers' Week feels like a lifetime ago. Deadlines are creeping in, the coursework is piling up, your flat is in an absolute state and you’ve already splashed your student loan.

But fear not. Here at The Tab Sussex, we are giving one lucky fresher the opportunity to be officially crowned with the all important title of Sussex's Maddest Fresher of 2018.

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Do you know a budding alcoholic who can down five pints back to back, or is always guaranteed to be spotted with a dark fruit in each hand. Maybe they’ve shaved their head, just for fun. Maybe they’re nocturnal, haven’t attended a lecture so far this year or maybe they’re the kind to disappear a hour into your night out but are guaranteed to rock up in the morning with a story about how their wild antics almost got them arrested.

If you think you know someone worthy of this prestigious title fill out the form below with all your tales of corruption and fresher foolishness.

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Fat Poppadaddy's image courtesy of The Haunt