Brighton bar Sticky Mike’s is closing down

Get down there before it’s too late

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That'a right ladies and gents, you read that correctly, soon you will no longer be able to enjoy the wonderful Sticky Mike's Frog Bar. On December 31, Sticky Mike's shall be shutting it's doors forever.

The small venue has a bar on the ground floor and a stage in the basement which boasts an intimate atmosphere whilst your favourite (yet otherwise fairly unknown) artist is making waves up on that stage. It has been an alternative to club nights for many a student and, with it's aesthetic poster walls, will be sorely missed.

Venues like this one are important to give a voice to less well known known artists as they act as a platform for emerging music. It is not only heart breaking for it's regular visitors, but also for emerging artists as Sticky Mike's acts as the perfect stepping stone in many artists' careers. Unfortunately, the music business is tough and according to UK Music 35 per cent of such venues in the UK have had to close throughout the last decade.

But we can still enjoy this little treasure until the end of the year. The staff, who have reportedly done everything possible in an attempt to save Sticky Mike's, have announced that they will be hosting a wealth of groovy events before the doors shut for that final time.

It is with huge sadness and regret that we have to announce that Sticky Mike's will close on 31st December this year. We…

Posted by Sticky Mike's Frog Bar on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

So, without any further chatter, here are all of the final events at Sticky Mike's before their closure. Get out your dancing shoes, cameras and sad face emojis because they're all bound to be nights to remember:

Every Thursday: Spin Cycle

During Spin Cycle, Sticky Mike's own DJ accepts all own music brought to be played, whether USB, CD or even Vinyl. The entry is free!

28th October – Jono Mccleery and Emil Landman

29th October – The Peeps – A Halloween Special

At this Halloween special of 'The Peeps', you will get to enjoy two Brighton based bands; Fighter Of The Nightman and Rabbit Hole Band. The best bit? People woth hauntingly good costumes get discounted entry – what's not to love?!

30th October – Snail Mail + Hachiku

31st October – Acid Box's Haunted House

1st November – Soft Kill + Heirloom + Vesture + Bad Laws

2nd November – All the Luck in the World

3rd November – Rope + Modern Rituals + Compiler + Cutting Ties

4th November – Aidan Moffat + RM Hubbert

6th November – The Eskies

This Folk / Jazz / Shanty band from Dublin have a very fun approach to music. As an up and coming band from Ireland, they have been praised in reviews by The Independent and The Irish Times as well as internationally.

7th November – Olden Yolk + Leatherhead + Standard Jordan

9th November – Alice Phoebe Lou

With her upcoming album release, Alice Phoebe Lou and her band are celebrating their first headlining show in Brighton. The artist, who is currently residing in Berlin, creates otherwordly music with her beautiful voice and is definitely worth a listen.

10th November – Phobophobes + Haze + Something Leather Middle Kids

11th November – Treeboy & Arc + Chest Pains

15th November – Louie Le Vack – Deja Vu EP launch

16th November – Middle Kids

This band mixes indie rock, ballads and pop into a beautiful creation of music.

So as you can see, there really is something for everyone to get involved with. So get on down to Sticky Mike's Frog Bar and start necking those drinks, you don't want to miss out on these events.

19th November – Cold Years+ The Young Hearts + Cutting Ties + The World You Love

22nd November – Voodoo & the Crypts

23rd November – Rehasher (USA) + Eat Defeat

24th November – Ducking Punches + Spanish Love Songs + We Blessed This Mess

27th November – 808ink

29th November – Skegss

2nd December – Gently Tender

13th December – Fresh Lenins presets XMas: Town of Cats + Buffo’s Wake + Hey Buddy