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Sussex top for nightlife and politics according to new uni rankings

Political or party animal? Head down south…

The students of the UK have spoken and voted Sussex best for political scene and nightlife in a new survey of British universities.

When 5,000 students across the country were asked what they love about their university, Sussex came out on top due to their diversity of opinions on campus and oppertunities to discuss important issues.

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Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, said: “This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Sussex. We have an amazing culture of radicalism, critical thinking and, at times, dissent.

“Universities at their best are places where ideas are tested and people have the freedom to form and reform their political selves. Sussex does this better than almost anywhere else.”

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Sussex also proved that students down south won't be without things to do when lectures finish for the day, by scoring highly in the survey for best nightlife, being the only university in the South to top this category. Our beloved city was ranked best for its local pubs, clubs, restaurants and music venues that we all know and love.

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So looks like Sussex have the best of both worlds, with our students having desires to express their views on important political issues, and the ability to boogie into the early hours on the seafront.