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Brighton is getting a Printworks-style venue

It can hold a crazy 2,500 people

Brighton will be getting it's very own Warehouse-style venue to rival The Warehouse Project and Printworks.

'The Cannon Place Warehouse' will be hitting our scene with an official launch in October and aims to host up to 8 events a year. The venue's industrial decor is drawing comparisons to Manchester's 'The Warehouse Project' and London's 'Printworks', although it's 2,500 capacity isn't quite Printworks' 5,000.

The Cannon Place Warehouse plans to host a number of events throughout the year in the space, each with a different genre or style of music. They also have plans to welcome some of the biggest brands, artists and DJs in the world. It seems like every other week a new venue opens or closes in Brighton, but we this new venue could be the answer to all your partying prayers.

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The venue will launch this Halloween with an event called 'CarnEvil' on October 27 from 2-10pm. Tickets are selling out quickly so sharpen your fangs, dust off your devil horns and snap up your tickets here.