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Here are the best pics from Sussex’s graduation to make you forget about your 2:2

Living my grad life

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. The sun is shining and Sussex's grads are out in force.

After three years, we've finally all got what we came to university for, the grad pics.

So here's a complication of Sussex's best graduate pics so far.

Is the shaka pose still a thing?

Get yourself someone who looks at you like this girl looks at her grad hat

Work It girl

Because dogs

Who needs a girlfriend for their grad pics anyways?

Graduation day, more like graduation slay

"University of sex" – I hope that was planned

Kinda wish a seagull would steal one of those hats lol

I better get this many presents when I graduate…

It's a classic

Can you get a pic of me taking a pic for my gram


I got this bro

Graduating in puns, meet the Sussexdab