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Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2018: The final

Get a load of this lot

The votes are in. The people have spoken. After dozens of entrants, hundreds of votes and thousands of views, you – the students of Sussex have decided the final three biggest names on campus.

Below are the mighty finalists pledging for your all important votes to crown them the prestigious title of Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2018, a worthy award that will undoubtedly shower them in never-ending fame and attention throughout the rest of their time at university.

We asked our finalists why they think they’re deserving of the title. We have Sussex’s biggest nutter, an East Slope famous face and the King of Sussex Snow. But who will you crown your winner? Get voting now.


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Remel and all his “fans”

“Being a BNOC isn’t always plain-sailing” Remel tells us. “I was once kicked out of Pryzm for causing public disorder (because I kept being lifted into the sky by my various fans- wait… I mean friends)”. We think he may need to arrange crowd control next time.

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We’re not quite sure whats going on here either

Remel thinks he’s deserving of the title because he’s “always up for a laugh and down for a party”. This Club Sec of Sussex Snow even “once seshed 18 days in a row with his best mate Henry”. What a legend.

Chi Hin Marco Tsang

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Marco did exceptionally well in the nominations round, proving Sussex really does have a contagious case of ‘Marco-fever’. The King of karaoke and East Slope’s famous face is the Captain of the Sussex Squash team and President of Table football society, a skill which he is taking across the seas in a “professional table football tournament in Malaysia this July”.

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Marco will be leaving the UK with a piece of all our hearts

Not only that but his highly anticipated farewell party in East Slope proved to be a success as it saw over a hundred Sussex students gathering to say their goodbyes to their beloved Marco. Crowning him BNOC of the year would prove there really isn’t anything Marco can’t do.

Dan Hawkins

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We wish we could rock those sunnies as well as Dan can

By far our edgiest and “nuttiest” nomination, Dan Hawkins is a man of many talents. It seems as though Dan’s dancing debut begun in his early years, as he holds a Grade 3 Tap Dancing qualification on top of his (questionable) dance moves he blesses Patterns with on a Tuesday.

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This could definitely be his album cover

Dan assures us he is also known amongst his pals as a talented man on the decks, telling us: “one time I was rapping on the bus with my friends, surrounded by many people I knew, and a guy came up to me and said ‘who’s DJ Dan and then challenged me to a rap battle”.

Of course, Dan accepted the challenge, hyping up the crowds who begun to chant “DJ Dan” followed by his wise words “your bars do me no harm, fuck off with your top man garms”. This is something which he describes as “the best time of his life”. The greatest achievement of his life however, would of course be being crowned BNOC of the year.