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Sussex’s BNOC of 2018: Round Three

Who will you crown as Sussex Royalty?

The biggest and most prestigious competition of the year is here and it’s that special time of year where you get to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned Sussex’s biggest name on campus.

The entries flooded in and having carefully sifted through your nominations, we have managed to shortlist some of the messiest, craziest contenders, ranging from famous freshers to oh so familiar fourth years.

In the third round we’ll take a look at six UoS students, pledging for your votes, and of course that all important place in the BNOC of 2018 final.

James Rayner, First Year, Maths

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You can’t possibly not recognise James Rayner. His big, fiery ginger afro makes him impossible to miss as he zooms round campus in his battered and obnoxiously loud red Honda. Rayner regrets to inform us that the only reason he owns this car is because he crashed his old blue BMW.

His antics have made for some pretty funny stories though, like that one time “he made his way from Northfield to Stanmer after literally being put to bed by a friend after a night out, and woke up in a girl’s bed, having absolutely 0 recollection of how the whole thing came about”.

Stephan Turtle, Second Year, Geography and International Development

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A folk music maestro, regularly playing his guitar for crowds at the beach. Not only that, he’s a rugby sensation scoring the most tries in Sussex rugby this year. With a killer sense of humour a long with an abundance of charisma. Once upon a time, on a warm summers evening he was playing his guitar by hove lawns and got over 30 people to join in a Ben Howard rendition. Later in the evening he took two of the girls out for a drink after to speak about their feelings.

His nominators even said he’d win love island, which is a pretty mighty claim indeed.

Lucy Peters, First Year, English and Film Studies

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It’s Lucy’s academic excellence that proves her BNOC’ery. If you are a regular at the Sussex Library over the stress filled exam season you are bound to have seen Lucy calmly and elegantly wondering through the group study area. Her nominator tells us that she knows everyone, and everyone sees her everywhere. They also tell us that when they committed to an all nighter once, they “saw her like 50 times” which was more than the words they had written that night.

Kajal Dave, First Year, English Lit

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Kajal is involved in tons of aspects of life at Sussex. Her URF Radio set called “Bringing SusSexy Back” which blesses our ears with sexy tunes every week. She’s also the Social Sec for yoga society which is pretty cool indeed.

One of the cutest BNOC’s nominated, Kajal tells us that she “has so much love for her friends” and “loves taking cool photos of her pals on her disposable camera. Cute and cool. We like your style.

She does have a crazy side too, as every BNOC should. She claims to have overtaken everyone on the chunder charts, and her nominators told us that “One time she went on an absolute bender and woke up in a skip. To this day we don’t know what went down”. That’s class Kajal, good job.

Remel, Second Year, Economics and Politics

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Being a key member of Sussex Snow and on committee next year, Remel is always recognised around town. The man himself often tells us that he surprises himself “with the shit he gets up to in the early hours of the morning”.

Examples of his crazy antics include “popping off to the library in the middle of the Freshers Welcome to the Jungle party to book tickets to the Ibiza closing parties because he was “inspired by Danny Howard”. The king of the slops even managed to wake up in a bed with a fully grown christmas tree he has “sneakily stolen in the dead of night”. His wild antics, however, come at a cost as Remel managed to blow his entire student loan in a matter of days in Ibiza, spending €1000 in Amnesia.