Here’s everything you need to know about the East Slope Summer Festival this weekend

Summer is here, and it’s buzzin’

Sussex students were upset when it was announced in April that the eagerly awaited and new SussexSussex  festival, hosted by the Students’ Union, was to be cancelled due to issues with external companies. It seemed, for a while, that there wouldn’t be a big event for all students to wind down after a long, humid exam season.

But worry not my dear friends, because the SU were not beaten that easily and have put extra effort into making the East Slope Summer Festival just that little bit more special. Hosted this Friday (June 1) until Sunday, we have the low down on what you can expect during this fab event.

Friday, June 1st

Our mates from Seacider brewery – the ones that make that really sweet cider – will be coming down with truckloads of flavours, both new and old, of their flagship drink; they’ll be offering out free tasters and drink deals all day. Throw away that Kopparberg and try some real cider.


Ringmer based Franklins Brewery will also make an appearance giving talks and more freebies out to the thirsty crowd of students.

In the evening, expect to see FolkSoc and DJs providing the soundtrack to your drinking experience, as you take advantage of the many new drink deals that will be rolled out exclusively for the festival.

Saturday, June 2nd

For those who came to the legendary hand-in celebration at Falmer at the beginning of May, you may have noticed the pop-up Pimms and Hophouse bars that were giving out free gin tasters and, of course, ice-cold drinks. They’re back for round two on Saturday.

Joining the bar line-up will be the Beetle-Juice cocktail van. Usually only making an appearance at special events around the country, they’ve popped down for the evening to serve all the classic cocktails to drink in the sun. Oh yeah, did we mention the bar is a converted Volkswagen Beetle? Might’ve missed that one out…

Unfortunately, we have to add another van to the line-up. Fortunately, it is an ice-cream van that will probably be selling 99s for £2 accompanied with you making a snarky comment to your mates before you give in and buy four. Perhaps you then start talking about the price of Freddos… you walking cliche.

Ice-cream not enough/too much for you? Well don’t fret, The Hatch will be open all day to supply you with your five a day. Two words: Mozzarella sticks.

But must we all sit in silence whilst we enjoy all of these things? No way Jack. Brighton bands will be playing all throughout the day and evening with the Sussex University radio station, URF, to fill in the drunken gaps of conversation.

Sunday, June 3rd

I remember my first roast dinner at East Slope, and I will certainly remember my last as Reggae and Roast is held for the final time. If you’re thinking “I didn’t even know East Slope did roasts” then you’re an idiot and you need to get down there pronto. Believe it or not, they’re actually really good. Their Yorkshire pudding game has certainly gotten better.

Sunday Funday is also on for the final time with a quiz on East Slope’s history. We’ve had quizzes on Star Wars, Love Island, and even Rick and Morty but this one is much more important.

Thinking you’ll get too pissed during the quiz/roast dinner? Why not sing to your lover across the bar with karaoke until 11pm. I’ll buy a pint for anyone who gets the bar singing Hey Jude.