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All the worst things about the Sussex Uni Library

Seriously, who cares if it’s designed to look like books???

We’re entering exam season, a time where most of us will be spending more time in the library than in our own homes.

So, in celebration of this time of stress, study and sleepless nights, here are all the worst things about our second-home for the next month:

The amount of second-hand smoke you have to inhale before even entering the building

I know studying can be stressful, but it seems that many students literally cannot wait another second before lighting up once leaving the library. Being banned from smoking at the top of the steps, the bottom of the library steps are a constant puff of smoke which everyone must pass through in order to enter the building.

Getting to the top of the steps through all the smoke feels like a challenge in Jungle Run.

Can you make it?

Scanning your card is so much harder than you think

After emerging through the wall of smoke like Beyonce walking onto stage, you have to tackle the card barriers.

Although simply scanning a card should be a simple exercise, it is not. The card must be angled perfectly, at a perfect distance away from the scanner in order to grant you access. All the while a queue is forming behind you and you’re looking like a twat contemplating if it’s too late to drop out of uni.

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You're lying if you don't feel anxious just looking at this photo

There’s never any room

If you want a seat in the library during exam season you either have to arrive 5 minutes before the hour or at 9am.

You arrive and walk around for 15 minutes to try and find a booth with a chair and plug, it's impossible. You end up sharing a shitty sofa with someone who thinks it’s acceptable to take their shoes off in a public place and shove them right into your personal space.

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The stupidly pointless square sofas

What the fuck even are the square sofas in the group study space? They’re impossible to do any work on and force you to contort your body into the most ridiculous positions just to be able to write an essay in relative comfort. Get rid of them and put in some usable desks. Sort it, Sussex.

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Am I doing it right?

Thinking you've found an empty seat just to find somebody has placed their jumper on the chair to reserve it

Even if the library may appear empty, I guarantee 90% of empty spaces are 'reserved'. Items used to reserve spaces include: a pencil, jumper or some scattered paper. Whilst they go off for an hour and a half lunch break, you're reduced to walking in circles, desperately waiting for someone to leave.

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Whatever the fuck these things are

Seriously, what is the point of these?

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Are they sculptures? Are they seats? Please Explain

The fantastic design of the library

Apparently designed by a two year old, the library is designed to look like a book. But not only is the exterior weirdly designed, the library is full of design mishaps. Notably, the existence of random pillars throughout which render whole desks unusable. Nice work, Sussex.

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Good luck working there.

Finding where your printing has gone

Not only do you have to pay an arm and a leg to print anything in the library, it also takes forever. You have to enter your card details, wait for your work to print and then somehow find what printer your work was delivered to. It could be any. Who doesn't enjoy a 15 minute search around the library trying to find their work?

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But is it really Printer B&W CS 54?

Disabled Access

Joking aside, the library has a massive issue with access for disabled students. The large staircase leading up to the library obviously renders the main entrance unusable for many, and the side entrance accessible for students with disabilities is often nearly a 30 minute journey up around Jubilee building and the IDS. But hey, at least we can take in hot drinks.

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The 6:50pm announcement

Anyone who has left work to the last minute will be far too familiar with the 6:50pm announcement that blasts through the library with the volume of an air-raid siren .

The staff smugly announce that their work for the day is done, whilst you sit with the knowledge that you've got at least another 6 hours left.

Sussex, your library sucks.