Which member of the royal family is your Sussex halls?

Nobody wants to be Camilla

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With the exciting news that the soon-to-be-wed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we thought we’d celebrate in the only way we know how: to tell you which members of the Royal family your halls are.

East Slope – Prince Harry

Considered the ‘party-goer’ amongst the Royals, Prince Harry would definitely personify this much beloved accommodation. Both share a common interest in having a good time, all the time. Both are soon to be straightened out, however, and whipped into shape; our fav ginge is set to wed and East Slope is to be knocked down and revamped into a more lavish and expensive living space.

Stanmer Court – Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

The most irrelevant accommodation of them all, one may argue that the pointlessness of Stanmer Court may apply to Prince Andrew’s daughters too. Yet somehow, both are still close enough to the centre to warrant an invite to events. Who even are you?

Park Village – Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Park Village and Prince Philip have a surprising amount of things in common; they are both old and grimy, and divide opinions. Some may love the rustic charm of PV and the Queen’s husband… yet others find it plain offensive. Choose your pick.

Swanborough – Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

Like Camilla, Swanborough is expensive and fancy, yet everybody forgets it exists. Sure, its right in the centre of campus so, like her, it should be important, seeming as she is married to the next-in-line. Similar to Camilla, Swanborough is nobody’s first choice, is it?

Park Houses – Charles, Prince of Wales

Much like Swanborough, Park Houses are right in the middle of campus. Charles is also in the spotlight. However, again like Park Houses, he's just a bit old.

Lewes Court Phase 2 – Kate Middleton

It’s not quite Northfield, and it’s definitely not East Slope; it seems as if Lewes Court is caught (excuse the pun) right in between. Phase 2, for sure, is definitely the classier of the two, and with an included en-suite contrasted with 1960s vomit coloured curtains; much like Kate, this accommodation is fancy but not too fancy.

Lewes Court Phase 1 – Meghan Markle

One would think that with the grandeur of Phase 2, one would prefer it, but in terms of the two it-girls of the Royal clan, everyone seems to prefer the budget Kate. Meghan, like these block of flats is, without argument, far more significant and trendy, and though both will never totally be the most prestige, they seem to be the best out of the two.

Brighthelm – Prince William

Like William, Brighthelm is considered relevant, yet it isn’t placed directly in the centre of all the action. In accordance with everyone’s number one baldy, this set of housing, without a doubt, IS posh, yet no one has a bad word to say about any of the two, as both are likely to be a good laugh and a fun time. Brighthelm's homely appearance nicely compliments William's middle-age stress-induced hairdo.

Northfield – The Queen

Of course, the best is saved till last. The Queen, obviously, is the most prestige of the clan, and much like Northfield, she is the most well-kept. Yet despite being the best of the best, the Queen, like this oasis of luxury, is not as exciting nor as intriguing as the other members of the family, or the other sets of accommodation, for that matter. In fact, she's a bit boring really.