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REVEALED: Just how much Sussex students love weed

What’s that funny smell?

The Tab Sussex can reveal just how much Sussex students love the devil's lettuce, according to results from our Drug Survey 2018.

Sussex' relationship with Mary-Jane is no secret as we top The Tab's 2018 stoner league with 54.6 per cent of students telling us that they smoke weed at regularly.

89 per cent of Students at Sussex Uni have smoked weed at least once, according to statistics from our brand new survey. Of 282 students who participated, a whopping 251 of those admitted to having taken a puff. The statistics for frequency of partaking, however, are where Sussex really shines.

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12.7 per cent of students smoke weed, every. single. day. That's a higher percentage than the 11 per cent who have never tried weed in their life. A huge 31 per cent of students light up every week; almost 1 in 3 students.

Of the 251 students who told us they have smoked weed, less than 15 per cent of them don't partake at least once a year.

Out of the 282 students surveyed, 185 Sussex students have done MDMA, 155 have taken Ecstacy, 167 have taken cocaine, 151 have tried Ketamine, 67 have taken LSD and 74 admit to having used Xanax.

Once again, Sussex reigns supreme in the consumption of green.