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The Sussex Cup – Here’s what went down

It wasn’t quite Varsity, although there was a flare

Saturday saw the first ever Sussex Cup, this year's replacement for Varsity. Varsity traditionally sees Sussex and Brighton go head to head in a day of matches in a huge variety of sports- however both universities made the decision to cancel Varsity 2018 following the events of last year when violence broke out during the men’s rugby match.

Whilst it was free to spectate, the players themselves had to pay a playing fee of up to £13, which included their match, a BBQ at East Slope, a lovely t-shirt and entry to the Pryzm afterparty.

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It seemed odd to charge players to participate rather than charge spectators a small fee- an opinion expressed by members of sports teams.

Speaking to the Tab Sussex, a member of the mens rugby team said that team mates were unhappy about being made to play with friends, on top of having to organise the match and a referee themselves. However he said that they were "left with no choice because we were all very keen to play together.

"Ultimately everyone is upset, but are sympathetic of the bigger picture and are hopeful that Varsity will return as normal next year".

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The event saw very low coverage online compared to last year's Varsity, reflected by the smaller crowd numbers. However it was evident that spirits were high, with different sports teams showing up to support one another in between their own games, enjoying a drink and some sunshine alongside spectators at Falmer Sports Complex.

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All in all, the event was a success. There were positive vibes all round as everyone came together in true Sussex style to celebrate sport and enjoy the first day of sunny weather. Seeing as the event ran smoothly and the most eventful thing to happen was a pink flare being released at the football, it looks like we could be seeing the return of Varsity very soon.