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Brighton has been crowned the most hipster city in the world

Now go put THAT in your insta bio

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, our beloved city of Brighton has won the most prestigious award of the century. That’s right, the most hipster city in the world.

MoveHub are the ones who bestowed the title upon us last week and we could not be happier. The probably wannabe-hipsters created a Hipster Index which they then used to calculate the most hipster cities across the globe.

The five data points in the Index were: vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques and record stores. The study included a whopping total of 446 cities across 20 countries; that’s a whole lot of coffee and tattoos.

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In what was the most edgy showdown since the dawn of the hipster itself, Brighton only just won the honour. Beating Portland in the USA by one thousandth of a point, Brighton scraped it with 8.1632, with Portland scoring 8.1631.

When it comes to a couple of the individual hipster data points, we soared ahead with our number of record stores winning with a stat of 9.142 record stores per 100,000 people. Second place city Bordeaux didn’t even have a chance with only 5.747. We then secured a comfortable third place in the kings of coffee category, with a lovely sum of 125.381 coffee shops per every 100,000.

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But I mean, are we really that surprised? We hold the only Green Party seat in the country, our street art is one of a kind, coffee shops are filled with tattooed goddesses and our residents effortlessly glide around the city on skateboards.

We would have been filled with grief if we hadn’t won…well probably for all of 30 seconds, before probably grabbing a coffee and heading down to the beach for three hours because we’re just so zen.