Former Sussex student has been elected as Costa Rican president

Carlos Alvarado got his masters in Development studies in 2008

Carlos Alvarado has beaten his fellow competitor, Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz by a landslide 60.6% of the vote. Alvarado graduated from Sussex in 2008 and when speaking to the Institute of Development Studies said that his plans "include using information technologies for processing different information to focus demographically and geographically in the fight against poverty. I will also be articulating and simplifying programmes in order to reach the poor."

Pre-election polls showed the two candidates were neck and neck. The key issue that has polarised Costa Rican voters was the same-sex marriage debate. Carlos Alvarado supports equal rights while Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz, a former Christian singer, is a staunch defender of the "traditional family". Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz has previously stated he opposes "gender ideology" despite the Inter-American Human Rights court recently ruling that same-sex marriages should be recognised.

Muñoz promised Costa Ricans restricted access to abortions, a fight against gay marriage and redemption of the "natural order" of society. On the other hand, Carlos Alvarado's main focuses are social welfare, human rights and the development of businesses.

After hearing of his victory on Sunday, Alvarado addressed his nation saying "today, the world looks to Costa Rica and Costa Rica once again sends out a beautiful, democratic message. Well done, Costa Rica."