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Want compensation for missed Sussex lectures? Here’s what you can do to help

You can help get compensation for Sussex students

The past few weeks have seen the University of Sussex shaken by strikes demanding fair pension for tutors. Whilst the strikes are necessary, and for a very good cause, students are being left to pay the price.

The Sussex Students' Union voted to make sure university should be compensating students for lost time. This could include; rescheduling canceled lectures, changing assessments or extending deadlines. Here's how you can help make that happen.

The Students' Union is reaching out to students for their personal accounts of how the strikes have affected their studies. On a Facebook post by Frida Gustafsson, SU President, she says "I believe it is time we also address another significant issue of the strike – namely, how it is affecting students missing contact hours."

She points out that "the University promised on the 19th of February that no student will be disadvantaged as a result of the industrial action."

This, however, does not appear to be the case as "students’ worries and questions about how the strikes will impact them remain unanswered."

Frida has created a survey where students can submit their accounts of how the strikes have impacted them. The more information the SU can generate as a result of this survey, the stronger their case will be when they approach the University to seek compensation for students.

Frida states that "the Students’ Union is here to listen to and represent our students – but in order for us to do this, we need you to tell us how."

You can find the survey here.