Sussex SU President candidates announced

The SU has revealed all those running for positions

It's that time of year again. The University of Sussex Students' Union has announced who will be running for SU Officer roles for the academic year 2018/2019.

Those running for President are as follows.

Jon Munro

"Cheaper Chips, Cheaper Pints"

Jon promises to fight "the SU establishment" and, according to his Facebook page, pledges to "reduce the price of chips and fries in every SU establishment. " and to "lower the cost of beers and ciders sold in measurements of 568ml in all bars controlled by the SU."

Cheaper Chips, Cheaper Pints, Jon Munro.

Frida Gustafsson

"Better Bars, Better campus and Better SU."

Frida will be running the the second consecutive year in an attempt to continue her work with the SU. "As your President over the last year I have delivered you hot drinks in the library and a website to buy and sell second hand books, to mention a few. This is just the beginning – I’m re-running because there’s a lot left to do."

This year, her campaign revolves around Better Bars, Better campus and Better SU. She intends to transform the SU to "focus on issues relevant to you". She intends to create an app "that will make it easier for students to connect with societies and events"

Frida is also set on "improving our on-campus bars."

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Jonathan Busby

"Buzz for Busby"

Jonathon aspires to be 'a voice for all students at Sussex'. His main policies are:

"A freshers week for everyone"

"An transparent and accountable union"

"A new centralised hub for student entertainment and events"

Nasr Muflahi

"I'm the Space Station"

Nasr wants to "get the students' point across to the board of the university" and "to create charity events also to increase the students' happiness on campus and keep the campus active." He promises that "whatever you need done, you know I will do my best to try to get your point across as soon as possible."

Mick Kolesidis

"Join the fight for free education"

Mick intends to "make Sussex an exemplary University in the struggle for free education". His plan is twofold, as he believes the University needs "radical change in the priorities of the Student Union and effective pressure to the university for the realisation of our remands."

Irati Michel

"Uniting Through diversity"

Irati stands to "represent the growing diverse population within the university". His manifesto pledges to address "issues of affordability of both tuition, rent and campus services, diversity on campus, innovation and improvement of current resources and also opportunity for students within the SU".

Duncan Michie

"For the Michie, not the few"

Duncan, founder of Cut The Rent and ACORN, plans to "bring in free buses, cut rent as well as take on rip-off landlords in the city who go against students". He intends to "Abolish the Students’ Union CEO, and use the money saved to fund free buses during term-time."

He also pledges to "bring back Varsity games."

To read the full manifestos of those running for SU Presidency, as well as all other roles, please check the SU website.