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Before East Slope Bar shuts for good, we need to tell you about one of its secret drinks

She’s green, she’s mean, and she’s gonna fuck you up

We are all beginning to come to terms with the imminent loss of our beloved East Slope Bar. Where will we go on a Tuesday night without SKINT? Where will we go for a cheeky pint after our lectures? That beloved building holds so many beautiful memories for us all. I'm here to tell you about one more thing that East Slope has to offer, which you may not be aware of.

Whether your tipple of choice is a vodka coke, a Fosters, or even a cheeky glass of wine, there is one drink which you absolutely must try before East Slope Bar closes forever.

Introducing; Chartreuse.

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Hey there, good lookin'

Charteuse is a French liqueur, and the only liqueur in the world with a naturally green colour. The drink consists of alcohol, sugar, and 130 different plants and flowers. My oh my, it's quite the concoction. This green beast is traditionally 55% alcohol, and is a sure-fire way to get your evening off to a wild start. The most exciting thing about Chartreuse, however, is the sacred ritual key to it's consumption.

In order to truly experience the mystifying powers of Chartreuse, it must be drunk according to the following steps;

Step 1.

Purchase a shot of Chartreuse from East Slope Bar.

Step 2.

Pour the shot of Chartreuse into your mouth.

Step 3.

Hold the liquid in your mouth for a count of five seconds.

Step 4.

Swill the Chartreuse around your mouth, like mouthwash, for another five seconds.

Step 5.

Now, gargle the shot for five seconds.

Step 6, the tricky bit.

Open your mouth, breath in through your mouth to swallow the fumes given off by the shot, and then swallow.

Step 7.

Have the best night of your life.

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Damn, son.

If you think you're up to the challenge of taking on this lean mean green machine, get yourself down to East Slope. You can thank us later, if you survive.