A bubble festival is coming to Brighton

They’re raising awareness of bullying and violence in schools

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On Sunday March 4, the communities of Brighton and Hove will gather at the Level in a show of unity and solidarity to raise awareness of the issues our world currently faces around violence and conflict, and create a safe space where an alternative reality is possible.

This one-time event is hosted by Project Bubble Gun, a project founded Bradley Wescott a few years ago, who had an idea to create the possibility of peace, safety and unity, just for one day: what if all guns blew bubbles?

The Bubble Festival, which is free to attend, will run from 12pm to 4pm and will include talks, delicious food stalls and entertainment from delightful bubbles, as well as a raffle with prizes crafted from local Brighton & Hove businesses.

Spreading the love through bubbles

Project Bubble Gun is working closely with the charity Non-Violence Project Foundation, who specialise in running educational workshops for children in understanding peaceful conflict resolution, to create this event and raise at least £20,000 for the Brighton and Hove communities.

Non-Violence Project Foundation are currently in the process of launching an app called Speak Up that will allow young people to report bullying anonymously to their school, and with their fundraising, Bubble Gun promises that for every £10,000 raised, 5000 children in East Sussex will have access to this app for one year.

This new app will be an invaluable tool to every young person afraid to speak up, in an attempt to tackle bullying which, at present, is an area that schools appear to struggle to deal with affectively; The 2016 Annual Bullying Survey reported that 1.5 million young people have been bullied within the past year alone.

Bradley spoke exclusively to The Tab Sussex, and he hopes that this new app will 'revolutionise the way bullying is dealt with in school, as users can report not just bullying to their school, but any issues with drugs and alcohol, and even kind actions children see around the school.'

He looks forward to the upcoming festival, describing it as 'run by the community for the community' where attendees can experience bubble shows, holistic therapy by professional healers, and even the possibility of purchasing their own bubble guns to spread the love.

To donate to Project Bubble Gun and find out more information, their gofundme page can be found here.

The event will be held at The Level on Sun 4 March from 12 – 4pm, and you can find out more information from their Facebook event here.

The project has also made a short video, where Bradley discusses the reasons behind his project and the fundraiser event.