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We tried a ‘nappuccino’, the new revolutionary way of re-energising

The coffee inspired science of napping

A new study might change the way you drink coffee and you might feel a whole lot better for it. Combining a nap and caffeine are the latest iconic duo to solve all of your sleepy problems.

Daniel Pink, an author in behavioural sciences, has a theory for the next trend in the coffee industry. A nappuccino has a simple technique, drink a coffee, and then go for a twenty-minute kip. The result should be that when you wake up, you feel recharged, refreshed and ready to go.

Napping is an essential part of the average student's life. Our schedules are packed with too many lectures, deadlines, work and multiple instances of alcoholism a week. Sleep often takes the brunt, and is neglected, only leaving a few precious moments in the day where we can catch up.

Speaking to The Tab Sussex, Sofie Jackson told us: "After a classic Pryzm Wednesday, a nappucino is the perfect saviour."

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Hit me with your best shot

Hungover, with unwritten essays, I decided to give the nappuccino a go in the hope of revitalisation. I drank a strong coffee to ensure the caffeine hit was effective and then took myself off for a twenty-minute nap.

Personally, I usually wake up from naps feeling more tired than when I started. The nappuccino, however, was a success. I woke up feeling a lot better than I usually do, feeling well rested, rather than groggy and more exhausted.

To boost your energy, experts suggest ten – twenty minutes is the best length for a nap. During this time, you are in the lighter stages of sleep and therefore, waking up again after is easier. After 30 – 60 minutes, caffeine has peaked in the bloodstream and is at its most effective.

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As a result, when you wake not only have you had an energy-boosting nap, but the effects of the caffeine have also come into play. Talking to Inc via the Success Talks Podcast, Daniel pink says: "when you're waking up from that ideal 20-minute stretch, you get a double boost."

So, if you're feeling despresso, have a nap and an espresso. The nappuccino works and is a trend I can definitely get involved with.