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Want to earn almost half a million? Here’s how many hours you’d have to work in Brighton businesses

Trust us, it’s way more than Michael Farthing

Earlier today, the Tab reported that at the end of his final month at Sussex, ex-VC, Michael Farthing, received a £249,000 salary, £3,000 of employer pension contributions and a £230,000 pay off, bringing the pay package to a grand total of £482,000.

Now, we're not really sure exactly what a Vice Chancellor does, or how many hours they spend doing it, but we've taken the liberty of working out exactly how many hours you'd have to work for various Brighton establishments to earn that kind of money.

We asked people who work in these industries about their pay, and obviously the figures vary between staff.

The Amex

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Serving beers in the cold and putting up with rowdy football fans. The casual, zero-hours contract makes the Amex an attractive place for students to work.

The pay: £6.40

How many hours you'd have to work: 75,313

Rox Promoter

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Does standing on the seafront in the rain really make that 10 per cent commission worth it?

The pay: £6

How many hours you'd have to work: 80,333

Bar staff at Pav Tav

The staff at Brighton's favourite student bar may deserve the salary of a VC, but instead they're dealing with drunkards for a fraction of the amount.

The pay: £5.83 (ages 18-21)

How many hours you'd have to work: 82,676

Sussex Student's Union Staff

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Students who toil behind the tills in the Co-op or the bars in East Slope or Falmer are the uni's unsung heroes.

They pay: £8.06

How many hours you'd have to work: 59,801

The Pavilion Ice Rink

Seasonal work at the ice rink is an ideal way to save up for your Christmas presents, but it's tough slaving away in the icy cold of Brighton's winter.

The pay: £8

How many hours you'd have to work: 60,250

Inyaear club photographer

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Love them or hate them, club photographers have to put up with some shit.

The pay: £15

How many hours you'd have to work: 32,133

The Brighton Dome

This majestic venue is home to a lot of the best gigs in Brighton – employees have to deal with serving rowdy fans and the aftermath of cleaning up post-gig. Not fun.

The pay: £7.50

How many hours you'd have to work: 64,267


At a staggering £9,250 tuition fees don't come cheap – and that's without considering additional living costs too.

Perhaps if Vice Chancellor's salaries weren't weren't all so extortionate, it could make funding university a hell of a lot easier for students. Considering how long it would take students to earn what Michael Farthing earns in a year, we really don't think that it's fair for us that our fees should have to contribute a pay-off of £230,000.