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Freshers, if you go home every weekend you’re literally wasting your time at uni

I want to be your friend

Dear Fresher who goes home every weekend – stop it.

Seriously, I just want to be your friend

You may be homesick, or you may be just wanting your old bed and some peace and quiet but either way; there are people here at Sussex who actually would quite like to be your friend.

Your flat mates are probably upset that you keep performing this disappearing act because all they want is to bond with you over that other flat mate who keeps stealing the milk – you know who you are, you milk thieves. So stop being so flighty and come keep your flat mates company.

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Spotted: milk thieving

For most of you, this is the first time you're living away from home

The realizations that cooking, washing up and cleaning are actually pretty tedious have sunk in and you have vowed never to take your home life for granted ever again. But even if you are struggling to cope with everything uni is spitting out at you, trust me, going home every five days isn't going to help.

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Decorating your room helps it feel a bit more like home.

Don't leave everyone to do YOUR jobs

There are also chores to be done. It's unfair for you to ditch bin duty and make your other flat mates do it. Bottom line is, you have obligations to take part in as a member of your flat and you should just crack on with it and start mucking in.

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An almost pristine kitchen.

Making things a bit more homely

Residences can also feel kind of like hospital corridors, just a little bare. So why not make it more homely by buying a poster or four; house plants also make for great company.

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A prickly pal.

There's tonnes to do AT UNI

There's also plenty of activities you're missing out on. For starters, you're missing out on prime socializing time as well as being able to just 'live' at uni without going to lectures and seminars.

Sussex is actually a beautiful place and with the vibrant Brighton on our doorstep, there's so much to do and get involved with. The beach, the pier, the fields with cow pat behind Northfield; there are literally, I mean literally, thousands of activities to be getting involved with.

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A classic night out on the town.

Brighton is the best

This Sunday for example there is the annual Brighton & Sussex Winter Ball at The Grand Hotel. Or if dressing up all fancy in a penguin suit isn't your cup of tea, then East Slope are hosting a bingo event on the same night. This is just two events linked with the uni which are are happening on the same night. Can you imagine how many others there are happening in our beloved "London by the Sea"?

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What a city.


My point is, the majority of you are, in fact, going to be here for at least three years so you may as well embrace it with both arms. Dive in head first, take the plunge and who knows…you could end up actually enjoying university – shock horror.