Here are the ways you can spice up a dull Bath night out

It’s far from party central

Nothing about the city of Bath screams nightlife. Even if it did, you wouldn’t even be able to hear anything over the music from Bath’s more sociable neighbour, Bristol — living it large at a party Bathonians probably know nothing about.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t pull the city closer to party central. So instead, it’s our duty to attend as many alternative Bath seshes as it takes to completely forget the inadequacy of the city’s nightlife. Perhaps you’ll reach the point of no return whereby your freaky club night involves grinding on a bunch of losers who all know each other somehow. That’s when you know you are ‘so Bath’.

We’ve compiled a list of places quirky enough to distract you from your friend’s wild nights in ‘party central’ — London, Bristol, Manchester — who’s crazy snapchat stories are bound to make you jealous.

Toast Tuesdays, Nest nightclub

Credit: Nest nightclub

All you toast-loving nutters prepare yourselves, as Bath is home to a club which serves both toast and alcohol — absolutely dreamy.

Hosted by the club where all Bathonians lose their clubbing virginity, Nest nightclub, the new £4 per person event takes place every Tuesday. The entry fee is always worth it after stuffing yourself with rounds of toast, with Nutella of course. The music is pretty decent too.

Motorcity Saturdays, Komedia nightclub 

Head to Komedia on a Saturday for an evening of Motown, Soul, Funk and Rock ‘n’ Roll Anthems. The venue is always packed with students as the event offers student deals, including £5 discounted entry and drinks.

The club is conveniently just around the corner from Bath’s beloved chip shop, Al Falafal, so as soon as doors shut, the entire club flood in the same direction.

Al Falafal

Unlike the occasional Bath night out, Al Falafal chips will never let you down. Their £1 chips, or £1.50 for cheesy chips if you’re feeling extra cheeky, always hit the spot at the end of your evening.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll encounter the majority of Bath’s student population crammed into the shop’s hallway waiting for their drunk snack. But would it even be a night out without a visit here?

SUB 13

Ranked as Bath’s number one cocktail bar by Bath Life in 2017, Sub 13 is perfect for a special occasion night out. Although it’s on the pricey side and you’ll be paying £9 for a cocktail, the bar is open until 3 am on during the weekend and really is the best we have to offer.

Even better, Sub 13 offers visitors the opportunity to learn how to make their cocktails, which is available through booking on their website.

However, if you’re not interested in blowing your student loan, perhaps head Adventure Cafe or Turtle Bay (during happy hour) instead.

Stereo Thursdays, Moles nightclub 

Trek up the hill and venture to Moles on a Thursday for Stereo, an event open between 10 pm and 3 am. The event advertises itself as playing ‘Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Fall Out Boy, Foals and Prodigy’ and will not disappoint.

If you decide that you’re into this nightclub, why not attend some of the live gigs hosted at the venue? Moles have had over 30 bands playing in October and have many lined up including Ben Haenow on the 16th December.

At first glance, Bath’s nightlife scene seems pretty dead for a city with two universities. However, Bath surprisingly can offer you the weirdest and most unforgettable nights ever.