Brighton named as the second best place in the UK for events

London wasn’t even close to the top spot

In a study released by Tickx, it has been revealed that Brighton is the second best place in the UK to catch an event.

The research looked at the per capita measure of events. This means the number of events per one thousand people in the major cities of the UK. Manchester trumped all with 79 events per one thousand. Brighton took the second spot quite comfortably with 59 events.

Taking third and fourth were the surprising towns of Holmfirth and Pitlochry with 52 and 51 events per one thousand. Yeah, we don’t know where they are either…

Music gigs topped the list of the most popular type of events in Brighton with Tickx stating that 47.5 per cent of Brighton events are gigs. Club events made up 20.4 per cent of the total. No surprise there.

Whilst we may be called ‘London-on-sea’, there is one comparison that cannot be made at all. London didn’t come anywhere close to the top spot and according to the research only managed 25.6 events per one thousand.

In the end, all this has done is cement in our hearts what we already knew. So the next time someone doesn’t want to come out because there isn’t anything happening you can rub this in their boring little faces.