Diwali comes to Sussex for a night of partying and food

The South Asian Student Society at Sussex are hosting a pretty amazing night

Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, will be celebrated on Sussex campus this Sunday (November 12) promising an evening of food, dancing, and a showcase of South Asian culture.

The festival aims to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and it would not be uncommon to see lamps and torches lit up in homes celebrating Diwali.

The South Asian Student Society (SASS) will be making sure students at Sussex can celebrate along too. SASS will be taking over the ACCA building which will feature Bollywood dancing, a fashion show, a three-course Indian banquet in Mandela Hall, and an after party held in Room 76.

One of the organisers of the Sussex event stated:

“The South Asian culture is filled with richness both in festivities but also the message it sends in bringing a community of people together, regardless of where we are in the world. Of these celebrations, Diwali has been one of the biggest events SASS puts on for the likes of students, staff, and members of our university and beyond. 

“It is a showcase of our culture that this society has consistently executed with quality in previous years. This year we have put a greater emphasis on enhancing everyone’s understanding around what Diwali actually celebrates, which increases appreciation for such a grand event. It ensures that the fundamental meaning and reasoning behind why we celebrate this day is not lost in these beautiful colours and sounds. It is bound to be a day worth joining us for, and SASS is looking forward to coming together and sharing its diverse culture with everyone!”

All are welcome to join the event with tickets being available to non-students alike. The organisers have provided cheaper tickets for students and younger children should they attend.

Brighton University have also been involved in the event as alumni and representatives of the university will be in attendance.

Tickets are selling quick so if this sounds like something you want to take part in, you can check out the tickets here