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Which Halloween costume is your Sussex halls?

Northfield is obviously basic AF

That wonderful, glorious holiday known as Halloween is almost upon us – which means a surplus of university students trying to hastily put together skimpy and incredibly cheap costumes before the big day.

On a budget though, it's hard to decide what spooky, clever or questionable costume you should don come for October 31st. Stuck for ideas? Well, fear not; here is the Sussex University guide for the best Halloween costumes this year – based on your halls.

East Slope

Ah, East Slope. Renowned for being fun on a budget, the life of the party, and so cheap. Much in the spirit of these grotty halls, why not opt for a traditional ghost-sheet costume? It worked when you were four, and it can sure as hell work for you now. Why splash out on an expensive costume when bed sheets are available? Like East Slope, this attire is a classic, a bit grim, and so cheap it doesn't really matter if it gets ruined.

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Cheap n cheerful.

Park Village

Let's be honest, no one really likes Minions. Yet they have seemed to permeate pop culture everywhere, although no one really asked for these annoying, repulsive characters to worm their way into our lives – they are still there. Much like Park Village, the halls that no one really asked for either. What purpose do/does Minions/Park Village serve – and why do either still exist? The ideal Park Village costume would be anything resembling any annoying characters of pop culture – alternatives could be the Crazy Frog or those Aliens from Toy Story.

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Did you even try?

Stanmer Court

All by it's lonesome across the other side of campus, Stanmer Court is the epitome of an invisible man/woman costume. Very forgettable; just like the halls themselves.


Was there any doubt that Northfielders would go as anything but something extremely basic and/or anything "sexy"? There are a whole host of options available for Northfielders to choose from; sexy cat, sexy witch, sexy skeleton. The possibilities are endless – the only limit is your imagination (and the money you have left over from paying extortionate fees for your halls).

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Question – can you be a sexy cat if you're a basic bitch?

Park Houses

The most bog standard accommodation that has no discernible vibe or remarkable quality – this of course, must be reflected in the ideal Park House Halloween costume. Ghost, witch, devil – or the lowest of the low, a slashed t-shirt with patches of fake blood.

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Fake blood does not a costume make.

Lewes Court

Lewes Court is the underdog halls – the underrated party halls that stay out of the spotlight in the shadows of Park Houses and Northfield. Phase One and Two are the dynamic duo of Sussex – and these residents should have a costume befitting these halls. Think Batman and Robin, Blues Brothers or Ron and Harry.

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"Come play with us."


Swanborough residents are no strangers to passers by having access to the most intimate of moments through the questionably placed windows on bedrooms and kitchens – so why not incorporate this into a Halloween costume? Much like Northfield's price-point – Swanborough ups the sexy factor by one notch and goes for full on scandalous. It's not really surprising given how revealing the windows are – their costumes should reflect this to a questionable level of acceptability.

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Renowned for being the homely halls, Brightelmians should opt for something classy. Think the Great Gatsby or any other historical costume. They'll be the first ones to arrive and the first ones to leave; they'll always be the mum of the party too.

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No expenses spared for these period costumes.