Taco Bell is coming to Brighton

Apparently there are already 18 stores in the UK


Get ready to salsa, because Taco Bell has announced that it will be opening another store in Brighton according to their Facebook page.

The proposed site would be on Western Road, the road that runs alongside Churchill Square and Primark.

The specialist taco, burrito, and quesadilla restaurant is as popular in America as Nandos is in the UK and first opened in 1962. They have been breaking into the UK market since the late 1980s with 18 restaurants located all around the country.

If Taco Bell is alien to you, they mainly offer cheap meal deals of drinks, sides, and a burrito. One of the more favourite offers they have, The Big Bell Box, will offer a fajita burrito, a taco, a side, drink, and churros for around £6.79.

And don't worry, vegan options will be available. Their famous '7 Layer Burrito' has Mexican rice, lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole served in a tortilla with beans.

The fact that we will get a branch before London is pretty admirable in itself.

Dates have not been confirmed however they have assured locals that they will reveal the official opening date soon.

And if you're wondering, what the hell is the difference between a burrito, taco, quesadilla, and enchilada then we have attached an explanation from Reddit below.

Tacos – are mainly made from soft corn tortillas, the hard shell variant is almost exclusive from the tex mex style. So tacos are nothing more than meat or whatever minced or sliced meat put inside a tortilla. The most popular tacos in mexico are: pastor (pork marinated with local spices and slow cooked in front of stand up grill), carnitas (slow stewed pork), suadero (from the breast of the beef), steak and chicken. All of them served with finely chopped cilantro and onion as garnish. Lime is optional. Salsa is a customary must but can be opted out if you want.

Quesadillas – nothing more that soft corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, preferably string cheese. Although here in mexico quesadillas are stuffed with many other fillings from potatoes and chorizo, sauteed mushrooms, poblano chilli with corn and cream, etc. In some parts of mexico even crickets, they are delicious but it isn't everybody's taste.

Burrito – large flour tortilla, about 12 inches. Stuffed with beans meat and/or rice and many other fillings. Mostly stuffed with cheese as well. The purpose of the burrito? It was like the take-out choice from past times. Since it was already wrapped in its own tortilla you could eat it wherever you were.

Enchiladas – most of them made from chicken, variances may be made from turkey breast, or beef. These are folded tortillas stuffed with chicken, covered with green salsa, red salsa or mole sauce. Topped with uncooked onion rings, cream and fresh cheese.