Brighton Pride 2017 raised almost £150,000 for local causes

The police and council have estimated over 400,000 people celebrated the biggest Pride so far

Brighton & Hove Pride have announced that this year £147,263.74 was raised for local good causes. This record amount of money will be distributed as grants to LGBT and HIV organisations and community groups in the local area.

Organisations that Pride raises funds for include the Rainbow Fund, a grant giving fund for local community groups involved in LGBT and HIV work, and the Pride Social Impact Fund, a fund created so that businesses that benefit from Pride in the City could contribute to community groups and local good causes.

Paul Kemp, a spokesperson for Brighton Pride, said: "We are immensely grateful for the support of everyone who purchased tickets for the official Pride events as well as our sponsors and local supporting businesses all who have helped us raise this record amount of Pride community fundraising. One of the biggest elements of Pride is the Free Pride Community Parade which attracted almost 300,000 participants and spectators, many of who spend money with local businesses across the City.

“We really want local businesses across the City to benefit from the Pride weekend but, apart from contributions from venues within the Village Party zone, there has been a disappointing amount of support locally. Prior to Pride we sent over 2,000 letters by post to local businesses who benefit from the bumper Pride weekend inviting them to support Pride's fundraising for the Social impact Fund but, to date, no support has been forthcoming.

“Pride is a great event promoting the whole city to a national and international audience, but it's also about community and responsibility and surely this should be shared by everyone who benefits from the weekend and Pride hope more businesses will help with the fundraising effort in the future.”

Brighton & Hove Pride 2017 cost over £1.8 million to put on and brought in approximately £18 million to Brighton and Hove's economy with visitors spending money on accommodation, retail and food and drinks across the weekend.

The revenue created from ticketed events covers the operational and running costs of various aspects of Pride weekend as well as community fundraising for the Rainbow Fund and Pride Social Impact Fund.

Although many may not realise it, Pride is a huge fundraiser and has great value to LGBTQ+ and HIV groups in the local area. Of the money fundraised this year, £107,508.74 has been donated to The Rainbow Fund. The Social Impact Fund will have a total of £19,755 available to distribute in grants, including £5,140 rolled over from 2016.