We’ve made you a Sussex edition of Never Have I Ever, thank us later

This will either make or break friendships

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Meeting new people can actually be quite hard when you’re fresh out of sixth form or a gap year. Where do you begin? How are you going to get people talking on your table? Or talking on your floor (sorry Park Village). Do you go for the ice breakers? Do you go for small talk? Do you converse in genuine caveman style? 

Well, here’s a better idea. Forget the small talk. Let’s find out whether your new or existing flatmates are genuine sesh animals who would trade your toaster for a bit of washing powder advertised as Ket when you’re back home. It’s time to get to know who your flatmates really are, and there’s no better way to do it than never have I ever.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is go around in a circle of people/animals, state “never have I ever…” and then follow up with a statement that will hopefully embarrass someone in your group. When someone who has committed one of these crimes has confessed, they will have to drink, and hopefully you will all end up in a drunken mess. We’ve compiled a Sussex edition list to get you started.