New 28-day student saver ticket now available on Brighton and Hove Buses

You will only be able to purchase this on the B&H Bus app

Brighton and Hove Buses have revealed their new 28-day student saver ticket, costing students £52 for the network saver or £49 for the city saver. The student saver is around 30 per cent cheaper than the regular adult 28-day ticket.

The new ticket was planned as a bridge between the 7-day tickets and the 90-day tickets that were already available on the app. It was theorized that some students could not afford/require the long 90-day ticket and did not have a cost effective way to save money on public transport.

With the new 28-day ticket, using the bus each day averages to around £1.75 a day for the city saver, and £1.85 for the network saver.

The ticket is only available on the Brighton and Hove bus app which already offers cheaper tickets than the ones purchased on the bus. The tickets went live at around 4.30am today.

The introduction of the ticket was the direct result of the work by the Sussex Students’ Union and the president, Frida Gustafsson. She commented:

“The introduction of the 28-day student saver, alongside with the increase in frequency of bus services, are welcome improvements by the B&H Bus Company. Last year student were continuously faced by crammed and infrequent buses, and over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in ticket prices.

“The recent improvements made by the Bus Company shows that they are willing to listen to students when we speak up, and indeed, I would think none of these improvements would’ve happened if we had stayed silent. I’m looking forward to working over the upcoming year with the students both at Brighton and Sussex to tell the Bus Company what it is that we want from them, be it quality of service, range of routes or price of tickets, and am already working to set up a bus services survey for this autumn.

“I will also be working to create an SU policy for cheaper and better commuting, and in general, continue to push for capping the increase in ticket prices that we’ve seen over the past few years. In essence, the introduction of the 28 student saver is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.”