Come and have a look at all of Sussex’s Freshers’ events, you sesh monkey

Could this be the best Freshers’ yet?


Freshers’ is only a month away, and yet we cannot hold back our excitement. We’re eager to get back to Sussex University and welcome all fresh faced students who no doubt will be writing all over social media saying they’re ready to ‘parrrtaaaayyyy, woo!’

Today, the SU has revealed just what we can expect during the fabled week. This is what’s going down:

Saturday 16th September

The official first moving in day for new Sussex students. Take it chill today and visit Falmer Bar, East Slope, or The Globe for their moving in parties. From experience, East Slope is always the busiest and liveliest in the evening.

La La Land will also be screened in the Big Top Tent – set up for the ‘Welcome to the jungle’ festival – so if you want a more relaxed atmosphere then head on down.

Sunday 17th September

The rest of the gang will join Sussex today on the second moving in day. On Sunday, you can grab a roast at East Slope and explore Brighton before going to the welcome festival being held on campus. Music is spread over three stages from live bands, to even a hidden stage made up of home-grown Sussex DJ talent.

Wilkinson and Danny Howard will be headlining so you can skank it out till the early hours.

Monday 18th September

If you want to get the blood flowing, Active US will be hosting a table tennis tournament. Should be a great way to meet new people. If you’re hungry afterward then get some Mexican food at East Slope’s new Mexican Mondays.

If you want to get the lay of the land then you can go on a Brightonian Days tour of the city and check out all of the cool places you no doubt will throw up/piss at on your nights out.

For pre-drinks, head to East Slope Bar for their Traders’ Night and then head on down to Brighton for the Sussex Block Party. Sussex will take over seven venues and you might even be able to impress everyone with your local knowledge if you went on the day tour earlier.

Tuesday 19th September

You’re probably feeling a bit rough around the edges now, no problem, have some free coffee and the postgraduate coffee morning. Still not satisfied? Head to the coffee crawl around Brighton and drink to your heart’s content.

Tuesday will also hold the fabled Freshers’ Fair where companies from all over Brighton and beyond will give you a bunch of freebies. You will exit the place as their weirdest mismatched advertising board.

East Slope’s SKINT night also launches with drink deals as low as your gaping jaw. Will be a very busy night, and will probably remain a busy night for the rest of the year. You should check out why it is so popular.

Stanmer House will be taken over for an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party.

Wednesday 20th September

The second iteration of Freshers’ Fair will be held today, this time it is a chance for the societies and clubs of Sussex to shine. Be sure to come down for more free stuff.

If you liked SKINT the night before, The Globe, Sussex’s student bar in Brighton, will be hosting another night of cheap drinks and banging tunes.

If you have a finer taste, join everyone on an Ale Trail around the chilled Lewes Village, where the legendary bonfire night is held. The recently formed Drag Society will be performing at East Slope Bar. They even have themed cocktails.

Thursday 21st September

Fed up of kebabs for dinner? Head to the street food market for some freshly prepared delicacies from around the world. In the evening, you can chill out at the postgraduate cocktail night and rock out at the launch of SlopeBite, a new punk and rock night.

The Pier Party also is being held tonight with the afterparty at the seafront clubs.

Friday 22nd September

The Alternative Brighton Tour will showcase Brighton’s ‘counterculture’ (whatever that means) and if you were unable to explore the city earlier in the week you can join guides that will show you some of the cooler places in Brighton.

To celebrate the end of the week, a fireworks show will be displayed. TGI Funk will be held at East Slope after playing soul, funk, and disco.

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September

On Saturday, the Wall Street Stock-Drop at East Slope Bar will be taking place. If you have never been to one before, prices of drinks are displayed on a large screen and, depending on demand and popularity, the prices of said drinks will go up or down.

On Sunday, Active US will launch their weekly bouldering sessions. Transport and entry will be included in the price.  In the evening, the Psychedelic Disco will be held.

In addition to all of these events, the Free Shop will be open for students to pick up stationary, pots and pans, and a whole plethora of items donated by students last year.

Sussex will also have their own Escape the Room game which will involve some cunning puzzle solving.

Lucy Williams, activities officer for the Students’ Union, had this to say about Freshers’ Week:

“I’m so excited for this year’s Freshers Week, there are over 100 events happening both on and off campus so there’s definitely something for everyone, we spent ages listening to students about what they’d like to see their Freshers week look like and we worked with that.

“Additionally, when I ran for Activities Officer, one of my main pledges was to have a big festival styled welcome party on the move in weekend; the events team has been working tirelessly on it, and so far it looks amazing! The line up is definitely the best we’ve had during my time at Sussex. Not only because is there a sick headline act, but I’m also really excited about the smaller alternative stages which will show off the talent we have amongst our students and will promote our own amazing radio station URF

“This year we changed up the old Brightonian nights’ event to the Block Party, giving it a new fresh look and it promises to be one of the biggest student nights of the year. We’ve partnered with different venues in town to give our new students the chance to explore some of the biggest venues and events that Brighton has to offer

“I’m particularly excited about the Pier Party, it always proves to be such a good night. You can expect to see 3000 new students taking over the Pier, having unlimited free access to all the rides & ending up in one of the many seafront clubs.”

You can check out more information on the SU website here.