Snowcats to come to Brighton this spring

Find them and help raise money for charity

In a similar manner to their canine counterparts — last year’s Snowdogs — the cat-sized Snowcats will be placed around Brighton in the hope of raising money for Lost Cats Brighton.

Like the previous installation of Snowdogs, the upcoming Snowcat trail is set to help aid Lost Cats Brighton throughout the community and surrounding areas during May, in time for half term and the Open Artists House taking place that month.

The life-size cats are each being hand made by a series of local artists in hope of finding a new home and raising money for charity in the process. Each cat is said to have a very distinctive and unique look representing the artist who handcrafted the cat. There is set to be a wide range of cats from tattooed to Woodstock themed, simple black and white to a Bert and Ernie themed cat.

According to Brighton and Hove News, the project was founded by local artist Lucy Clifford, who said: “Brighton’s Snowcat Trail has been made extra special by the incredible generosity of so many local artists, with different skills, styles, and techniques.

“The trail is an eclectic cat walk and a fresh air art gallery that will appeal to a wide audience: from primary school children seeking out the beautiful cats, to art connoisseurs planning to bid for a unique work of art at the auction in June.”

The project aims to appeal to school children throughout the half term period, with a total of 50 cats appearing on a trail throughout Brighton’s Hanover neighbourhood over the course of May, before being auctioned in June. There will be a variety of prizes to be won on the behalf of local businesses for those who manage to locate all 50 cats.