Sussex Pink Week takes over Falmer and Library Square

Get pink and make people think about breast cancer!

In the UK, 27 per cent of breast cancer cases are preventable. Unfortunately, there are still around 11,433 deaths a year in the UK (According to Cancer Research UK) with someone passing away every 45 minutes from this awful illness.

This week, Sussex have decided to bring breast cancer to people’s attention. Pink Wednesday saw the team take over the Library square with a giant inflatable boob, free candy floss, a stall selling cakes, T-shirts, and other items to raise money for various charities including Hello Beautiful, Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel.

Rachel Winton, the main organiser of the event, says:

“Pink week has been at Sussex for the last two years

“It was sent up by Nina Rauch who sadly lost her mother to breast cancer. She started the campaign in sixth form and took it to Cambridge university, since then it has been spread across campuses in the UK. Pink week is a week of events raising awareness for breast cancer, trying to make it colourful and positive to spread awareness”

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Angela Dean, from inflatable organs, came to give students advice on spotting the early signs of cancer She says: “I have never been to a university before and local studies by organizations state that bowel cancer, rectal cancer, and breast cancer are in the increase in younger generations.”

Angela and her giant inflatable boob are here to raise awareness, encourage people to look out for the signs, and encourage the lifestyle people should be living in order to reduce risks when you are older.

Angela really highlights the importance of helping the older generations and tells us: ” You can encourage them to go for screenings, we cannot  eradicate cancer but we can make people as aware as possible.”

Angela inside her inflatable boob

Sussex uni boob team were also parading the campus dressed as boobs themselves. Zoe Clydesdale, from CoppaFeel, told us how we can get involved ourselves: “Sussex uni boob are having a cocktail night at Shuffle soon to raise money and awareness. Keep an eye out on the Facebook and come on down to get involved!”

The week has been a great success so far with over one hundred thousand pounds being raised for various breast cancer charities across the UK by the end of march according to campaigner Rachel Winton.

As the week continues various other events such as ‘Glitter Nips’ (10th March) and a closing party at The Hope and Ruin on the 12th of March which will continue to raise money and most importantly, awareness of breast cancer in the UK.

Awareness is so important, but research can’t be conducted without your kind donations. By donating to the Sussex Pink Week Campaign just a £2 donation will get you entered into a prize draw with up to 20 prizes to give away. Get your hands on a Sussex Pink Week t-shirt with a donation of just £6.99.

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So get on your pink, glitter up and get out there to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Let’s show cancer who’s boss.

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