Why you should never, ever live in Brighton

I wouldn’t recommend it

 It’s always raining

SUN'S OUT HURRAH! Shot by @ivananeupauerova #ThisIsBrighton

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B R I G H T O N Beautiful shot by @nadiameli ❣️ #ThisIsBrighton

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 There’s no colour

Brighton Pier #england #visitengland #brighton #brightonpier

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The street art is rubbish

Not much talent here

The food is bland and boring

Where’s the variety?


 The shops lack variety

Nothing unusual around here

 The people lack fashion sense

Power to the flesh! ✊?(aka salute to weight gain ?)

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Pretty and pink #brighton #streetstyle

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The architecture is dull

Leaving Brighton today, back to London town.

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Nothing ever happens here

P R I D E ??? Photo by Tabitha Fireman #ThisIsBrighton

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Well done to all who did the @brightonhalfmarathon yesterday! ???????? What an outfit!! ? Photo by @glitterypolly #igersbrighton

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P R I D E ? B R I D E ? #latergram

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The landscape is ugly

How unappealing


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Saturday Sunset. (Let's pretend this was this eve) Wonderful capture the other day by @clehhh_hhh #ThisIsBrighton

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The locals are dead

#brightonpeople #burts #streetstyle

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슬픔을 이기지 못하는 내게 #35mm #ffifilms

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No one cares about politics

Rise up ?? #antitrump

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Reclaim the Night banner-making in Falmer House Common Room until 8pm today #sussexuni #reclaimthenight #brighton

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