Brighton and Sussex Varsity fixtures announced

Sunday 19th of March the Varsity Cup comes to Sussex!

The student elections are not the only big competition happening in March, we can also expect to witness some of the finest talents Sussex and Brighton has to offer battle it out to win the Varsity Cup.

If you are unsure what The Varsity Cup is, it is a competition between two rival universities across multiple sports. Sussex takes on Brighton on Sunday 19th March in a variety of sports including ultimate Frisbee, trampolining, volleyball and lacrosse.

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This year’s competition is coming home, with Sussex hosting the day of gripping sports fixtures. Last year the cup consisted of 40 sports teams, 14 sports, and over a thousand students.

Netball, rugby, and football are the most anticipated events of the day, expecting hundreds of students to attend.

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We spoke to some of the teams to see how their feeling about this year’s Varsity cup.

The Sussex Football Team:

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Who are the names to look out for this Varsity Cup? 

This Varsity, Brogan Britton is the man to look out for, Sussex’s very own David Beckham. Brighton better not give him a dead ball.

Does the team or certain players have a celebration tradition when scoring a goal?

There isn’t a particular team celebration, apart from revelling in Brighton’s agony. However, if Dan Trendall puts one away you can be sure to see him bring out the bow and arrow, Sussex’s answer to Robin Hood.

What tactics are Brighton known for using?

I wouldn’t particularly like to guess what tactics Brighton will go for, but they seem to like the 3-5-2.

What do you want Sussex supporters to do? 

We want the Sussex supporters to be as loud as ever to keep our neighbours quiet. “2c’s and D!”



How have you been training for the cup?

The Varsity Cup is an event the boys have in their minds throughout the entire year. So most of what we have done in training this year is leading up to this game. As the cup comes closer, the fight for selection is beginning with everyone wanting to get their name on that starting shirt.

What are the names to look out for this year?

Our team will feature our golden oldies, George Leahy and previous Varsity winning captain, Seb Annable, who will be playing in their final Varsity match for Sussex Rugby. Alongside them will be our infamous rodents, Gerbil, whose ‘Gerbil Ball’ is a  crowd favourite, and Squirrel, a fresher rodent who will be experiencing his first Varsity. For some rugby magic, keep an eye on our international fallback, Benji Preclik, who will definitely be turning on the burners.

How will the team celebrate if we win for a fourth year running?

For Sussex Rugby, a Sussex Varsity win will be followed by an animated celebration between Sussex Rugby players and coaches, after which we will head to the city’s favourite watering hole, Pryzm. Be sure to find us in our shirt and ties.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

With varsity at home this year we will do our normal home match pre game ritual; all put a hand on the same rugby ball and sing the Pina Colada sing. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly gets the boys going.

What are your expectations for the game? Are Brighton difficult rivals?

I expect the game to be as exciting as ever, Varsity is easily our biggest game of the season. We have been in an interesting league battle with Brighton this season so there will certainly be some scores to settle. Playing at home at ‘The Fortress’ gives me no doubt that we will perform well, it will be a game we will never forget.

Sussex have taken the cup three years in a row, with this year hoping to be the fourth successful victory for us. So let’s get behind the teams and show our support, with the advantage of the home crowd, let’s cheer Sussex to victory for the fourth year running.

All the action and fixtures are free to watch so get down there and support Sussex.

Varsity Cup Fixtures 2017:

Russel’s Clump:

Ultimate Frisbee: 1pm – 3pm.

Sports Centre:

Badminton Men: 10am – 12pm

Badminton Women: 12pm – 2pm

Basketball Men: 3pm – 5pm

Basketball Women: 1pm – 3pm

Netball: 11am – 1pm

Trampolining (mixed): 9.30am – 11am

Volleyball Men: 2pm – 4pm

Volleyball Women: 4pm – 6pm

UoB Falmer Campus:

American Football: 12pm – 2pm

Indoor Cricket: 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Falmer Sports Complex:

Football Men: 12pm – 2pm

Football Women: 12pm – 2pm

Hockey Men: 12pm – 2pm

Hockey Women: 10am – 12pm

Lacrosse Men: 4pm – 6pm

Lacrosse Women: 2pm – 4pm

Rugby Men: 2pm – 4pm

Rugby Women: 12pm – 2pm

Tennis Men: 12:30pm – 5pm

Tennis Women: 12.30pm – 5pm

Keep up to date with the live action at #teamsussex

Featured Image:  courtesy of Sussexsport