All the stages of getting over your first year break up

Boy bye

You’re into your second term of your first year at uni and the day you’ve been dreading has finally arrived. Everyone told you it wouldn’t last, but you had your heart set on being the childhood power couple that made it through.

What they all said was true and now it’s time to face the rollercoaster ride that is a breakup. It’s a hard pill to swallow – you lose someone out of your life but you have to look forward and put yourself first.

Like breaking yourself from addiction, there are stages that you have to go through to get over whats happened to you. I think I finally understand them.

At first, you’re gutted


The heartache of losing your first home love is always hard (no matter how much of a dick he was) and the tears are bound to be flowing. It feels like your whole world has come crashing down around you, like you’ll never love again and you’ve lost who you thought was your best friend. This is the worst stage ever. But don’t panic, it won’t last forever. I promise.

Getting rid of the evidence of your mistakes can help you get over this stage.

Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ becomes the soundtrack to your life

You hate this song. We all know it’s complete shit. However, the comforting words of Little Mix are the glimmering light of hope that leads you out of stage one. Next thing you know you’re dancing around your room to Little mix, showering to Little Mix, and last but not least starting off your night out… with Little Mix.

Beyoncé and sassy memes are your life now

The lovely photo of you and your ex is long gone. And who could be the only suitable replacement? Queen B of course. This is the meme that reminds you not to text him when you’re drunk. It says if Yonce can do it, I can, and slowly but surely the girl you know you are is coming back.

You get smashed. Every. Single. Night.

Your flat mates love the new you. You’ve let your hair down, loosened up and best of all you’re ready to lash on the regular. With no more Skype call commitments and a brand new attitude, you’re ready to hit the town. Prosecco popping and heavy nights out are the best way forward from here.

You pull… and it’s bound to be the flat mate you secretly fancied

With all the alcohol, partying and a carefree attitude, this is bound to happen. The first time is a bit awkward as you’ve conditioned yourself not to act like this, but after the first few one night stands it becomes second nature. Now people are watching you to see how the hell you do it.

You also break the golden rule and go for it. You know you’ve fancied the boy next door since September and turns out he fancies you too. He has seen the changed Facebook relationship status and has started to get braver and braver. Ah shit, he’s in my bed now.

You begin to question your life choices

With a horrendous hangover, essay deadlines fast approaching and a reminiscent feeling of freshers flu, you begin to think about your life. This is where you realise that the world really is your oyster. If you want to be a mess and start building a stone castle on Brighton beach no one can stop you. You are your own woman, fuck the world.


After mulling over your life (and face palming yourself a few times), you finally start to feel like yourself again. And god it’s a relief. Here closure is key, and after your rollercoaster of emotion, you’re ready for the new independent you.

Finally, that sassy, headstrong female you knew you were is back… and you’re better than ever.