Success! Change will now be available for parking metres and launderettes

Change? Yes we can.

Students Kyle Farrell and Joshua Whitmore-Lyons have both campaigned to bring change machines to Sussex after both being annoyed that students had poor access to carry out laundry or parking.

Kyle Farrell had used the Students’ Union petitioning process to try and install machines in the on-campus launderettes. An employee at Co-op, he was felt bad that some students had to queue in the shop for ages to merely get some change and in some circumstances having to be turned away.

Kyle submitted his petition back in December 2nd 2016, it read: “We should have a change machine in the Launderette. Students who do their washing over the weekend are stuck if they have notes since the porter is not there. They have to resort to going to the Co-op for change which they have slowly stopped doing or going all the way to library.”

Whilst change machines have not been confirmed to be given the go ahead, discussions of a new contract for the Park Village launderette are underway with Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF) looking for a company that could provide contactless payments instead.

What has resulted from the two student’s petitioning and campaigning is that SEF will now hold change pots in these locations:

Park Village launderette – change available 8.30am – 4pm Monday – Friday at the service wash desk

Northfield launderette – change available 8.30am – 4pm at the Porters office

Stanmer Court – change available 8.30am -4pm at the Porters office

York House 24 hour reception – available 24/7 at the Porters office

Joshua-Whitmore Lyons had used SEF’s new feedback forum called ‘Hype’. This forum can be accessed by anyone at  Sussex to share their thoughts and concerns about the facilities on campus. Items such as poor lighting, lockers for students, and more vegan food options have been discussed and logged by SEF and the Students’ Union.

Joshua’s post regarding change machines went as follows: “(This) Would allow students to get change without walking all the way to Co-op –  who might not even allow them the change they ask for. This would allow the porters not to spend time at the change window, freeing them up to do other work.”