Want to feature your society on The Tab Sussex? Now you can!

Come take part in “Society Spotlight”

With the new term dawning on Sussex, everyone has reset their minds and have knuckled down so that this year is their year. What better way to reinvent yourself than to join a society?

As a heads up, The Tab Sussex is always looking for more and more people to join so if writing is your thing message us on Facebook.

But perhaps writing isn’t your thing, maybe you want to be more active or do something involving music. We are offering the chance for societies in Sussex to put themselves out there and to get students on board.

If you are a member of a society and want to get involved in our new ‘Society Spotlight’ series (we have already featured scuba society and GeogSoc) then fill out our form and we will get in contact with you.

The form can be found here, try to find a unique angle to sell your society.