Ding Ding! Sussex’s Most Eligible Bachelor is back for round two

Thought we were done with this? Think again…


With Sussex’s Most Eligible Bachelor(ette) becoming a local phenomenon, it seemed right to try it one more time. So we are back!

2017 is there for the taking, and what better way than to set up 2017 nicely than to vote for your friend to take part in our competition.

Were they left under the mistletoe on Christmas? Was their New Years kiss their mum? Lets change that and get them on our weekly feature!

Follow this link to enter your friend in the competition. Pop up to your Whatsapp group and get them involved to vote for your Casanova pal, we’re currently running bachelors so ladies you will have to wait till next time.

Hundreds of you voted and nominated your friends in order to get the title. Don’t let us down this time