The expectations and realities that come with living in halls

Pinterest got our hopes up again

Let’s face it: the idea of living in halls was exciting. Whether you spent Freshers’ Week decorating your room or you just dumped your stuff in it and headed straight to East Slope Bar, you were looking forward to having your own space. The reality, however, wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Your room

Expectation: You were going to go shopping for colour coordinated sheets, cushions, posters and stationary. You were going to buy seasonal candles and put up quirky wall hangings, worthy of posting on your inspirational Pinterest board.

Reality: All those colour coordinated sheets looked really great at first, but you probably either dyed them a different colour in the wash, stained them beyond repair or just used them once and never bothered to clean them again. Also, it turns out seasonal candles are a health and safety hazard.



Expectation: You’ll go shopping every week, stock up on snacks and healthy foods, keep your shit organised and make sure you cook several decent meals a week.

Reality: You’re pretty sure those week old plates are yours but you aren’t going to say anything until someone else cleans them away or tells you to. You’ve run out of food and the Co-op seems pretty far away right now…may as well grab some chips at the Hatch. Potatoes are a vegetable after all.

Flat Dinners

Expectation: Sunday night, or perhaps a weekday – everyone’s hanging out enjoying a home cooked meal that you prepared together. You know in your heart that these are the friends you’ll have for life.

Reality: You literally have no idea what the hell your collective cooking efforts are meant to resemble but you can all agree it’s not edible. Back to the Hatch, I guess.



Expectation: Well, obviously the reason you weren’t a straight A* student at school is because you didn’t have your own study space. But now you’ve got peace, quiet, no parents around to nag you and plenty of free time to work. You are fully prepared to put on your trendy black hat and work all day.

Reality: Your bed is way too comfy to do anything other than sleep in. Netflix is calling your name and your flatmates just ordered pizza. Best just go to the library next time.