The best of Brighton’s graffiti and where you’ll find them

You probably did see Jimi Hendrix on a night out

If you live in Brighton, you might have noticed that there is often a lot of graffiti and street art across buildings, pubs, houses, pavements and bins. Luckily in Brighton, there is a huge scene for street art, which is even promoted through the council to give a unique and colourful feel.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular spots for street art that you might not know about so that you can now explore.

Super Mario

If you’re into gaming, make a trip to Park Crescent Road where you can see Mario and Browser from the Super Mario series.


The haircut

Located within St George’s Mews on your way to the station, you can view a haircut taking place on a wall. Cutting edge, eh? Ok, I won’t tell anymore jokes.


The musicians

For those interested in music, this is probably the Holy Grail in terms of artists. If you make your way to the Price Albert Pub under Brighton station, you’ll be able to see this mural of arguably the most famous musicians of all time.


Kensington Street is the practically the Bible for street art within Brighton. If you make your way there you’ll be able to see pictures of Run DMC, Dogs, and Eric B, one of the pioneers in Hip Hop.


Modern Aztecs


Eric B 2020?


So many dogs



Located on the Prince Albert pub again under the station, this famous Banksy piece entitled “Kissing Policemen” is framed outside the pub and is a must see.


If you’re still by North Laine, it is definitely worth checking out this piece entitled “Agent Perruscioni” that is allegedly another Banksy piece. But as far as we know, it could be anyones…



Even if you haven’t seen some of the other pieces of art, Cassettelord must have caught your eye at some point.



When passing through Sydney Street you might catch a glimpse of Jimi Hendrix jamming above Sassy.


Star Wars

On Gloucester road you may come across some Storm Troopers from Star Wars. Just don’t use any Jedi mind tricks on the box though. It might look weird to passers by.


A lovely parrot

If you’re ever feeling down, you can go further down Gloucester Road towards the A23, you will also be able to see a lush picture of a parrot in flight. It’s ever better viewing when drunk.


The Simpsons

Located by Hartington road, this house playfully changes the name “Hartington” to “Bartington”, and we’re guessing the owner is a fan of the Simpsons. We’re not entirely sure though.