Northfield Social Space is getting a makeover

You want a bar? It would appear you’re in luck…

An email was sent out revealing that the Students’ Union is going to develop the Northfield Social Space, and has some big plans for new features.

Northfield’s Social Space is currently a wasteland. There are a few PCs, a table tennis table with no net and a pool table with about five balls. There’s also a launderette and toilets. The Students’ Union is planning to change all of that.

The Union wants to transform this space into a food and drink venue, based off of the desires of students.

You can get involved and answer a survey here, where you can help shape the development of the space.

Food options include a “budget menu” bar food (similar to Falmer bar and East Slope bar), a “mid-range menu”, or even a pizzeria.

This move also aims to fill the void that will be left when our beloved East Slope bar is demolished within the next few years. Northfield looks to be the new midnight snack destination.

One drawback will be that there will not be a place for a night like SKINT, or live music, as the venue is so close to housing. However, this will be an issue that the Union will look to rectify.

The proposed makeover would lead to a “cafe/bar with a good range of hot drinks, smoothies, juices and soft drinks, plus a good selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits”.

Internal communications have been approached for comment.