What do Brighton students think of Sussex students?

‘They’re extreme left-wing regressive’

So you’re at Sussex University, Unistats might put you up on that pedestal and you might feel like you have earned your right to be proud.

Not far in the distance there is ‘the other’ university, Brighton University. Are any of your friends Brighton students? Do you ever wonder what they really think of you?

We asked a few of them some questions to see if they felt like there was any difference between us.

Jonson Owen-Jones, second year, Politics


I think it’s obvious that there is a massive monetary difference between students. When I’ve been on nights out it reminds me of “When I went on my Gap Yah”. I think they’re extreme left-wing regressive. People like to get far more intoxicated and seem a lot more genuine at Brighton.

Blerina Ramadani, second year, English Literature


I don’t feel like there is any real difference between us, I’ve never noticed any rivalry when I’ve been out. Everyone seems chilled, maybe Brighton students more so.

Dominic Cronin, second year, Civil Engineering


I don’t have any particular experiences. I have some friends at Sussex because the only society I joined was Kpop (Korean Pop Music) and they only have that at Sussex. Despite Sussex being academically better than Brighton there are some people obsessed with the league tables and like to boast about it. I’ve been to Sussex campus and it feels like I’m in a scene from Mean Girls, Brighton is more relaxed. I think that they don’t really know Brighton as well because of their campus.

Josh Rist, second year, Psychology


I don’t notice much difference to us except all my friends from Sussex tend to freak out when exams come around. Sometimes it can feel like Sussex students think they’re better than us.

Jack Giles, second year, Earth and Ocean Science


Most of my friends are from Sussex, I find conversation is stimulating however a small minority I do feel are quite pretentious! Once I was wearing a onesie and I went round campus politely asking to use a filter, and people turned their noses up at me and genuinely looked at me in disgust.

However I do feel like there is always a smile on everyone’s faces on campus and Brighton students know how to have fun, as do Sussex students so why should there be a segregation we should all link hands and break down these boundaries!

Anya Keaney, second year, Business Studies14291744_10207081191654347_8387175414259149270_n

I think there is a definite divide, 100 per cent. Although a lot of my friends are Sussex students.