No more Tampax tax: SU removes tax on sanitary products

About bleeding time

Finally, good news for anyone with a uterus.

The Students Union announced last week that sanitary products in Student Union shops will be profit free.

This means that the SU will be selling sanitary products at the price which they buy them for, removing the 5% tax on top of them.

Sussex can breathe a sigh of relief and wave goodbye to pricey periods.

Tampon tax

Abraham ‘Abe’ Baldry, President of the Student Union, said: “8 months ago, I sent a letter to George Osborne asking him to cut VAT on tampons. I’m proud to announce that, as of today (19th January 2015), sanitary products sold in union shops will be profit free.”

Abe also challenged the Government by writing a letter to George Osborne summing up his stance on sanitary products in the hope of the Government reconsidering their tax policy.

In his letter, Baldry said: “The chromosomal lottery means that I am fortunate enough not to require (sanitary products), however 50 per cent of the population do, and it strikes me as grossly unfair that women should be taxed for what essentially amounts to a medical necessity”.

Taking to Facebook to announce the victory to the student body 8 months later, Baldry and his colleague, Welfare Officer Rihanna Gargiulo told students how proud they were, saying that free bras for girls were next up on her hit list. Only time will tell.